1 February 2015

Hi, my name is Blake. Welcome to FoodPoint! (A bit of an innocuous name, but all of the more obvious ones were already taken…)

I have started this blog for 2 reasons. Firstly, because I need an outlet to record my recipes before I forget them all. Secondly, because several friends have pestered me to do something like this so that they can steal my ideas (you know who you are!).

I should probably start by saying that I am not, nor have ever been, employed within the food industry, nor have I had any training beyond what I could pick up from TV shows. Maybe one day I’ll decide to make the change if the right opportunity presents itself!

Food is a hobby of mine. I don’t mean just cooking it or eating it, I also spend quite a bit of time thinking up recipes, researching ideas online, watching cooking shows on TV, or trawling through specialty stores in search of an interesting new ingredient or kitchen gadget. I would not really consider myself to be a “Foodie”, although that label has been applied to me in the past.

I know a few people who claim that they “can’t” cook. My thoughts are that if you have taste buds, then you can probably cook. If you can tell what tastes good and what tastes bad, well that’s basically the main part of cooking! Never be afraid to challenge yourself as much as possible. When you cook, don’t just rely on other people’s recipes or the instructions on the packet. Mix it up a bit! Take a chance! Even if it ends up being a pile of inedible slop you will have learned something, right?

On this page, I will be making weekly posts – whether it be recipes, tips, updates, or maybe even the occasional ingredient or product review. If you’re browsing for recipes, or just looking around for a few ideas here and there, hopefully you’ll be able to take something useful away from my page.

My recipes will usually not call for a certain brand or product, however if I ever list something specific you can be sure that it’s because I have tried several products and deem this to work the best. Still, you should try a few things differently every now and then. What works for me may not necessarily work for you, and tastes or preferences can differ.

For those of you who want a more interactive cooking experience, please check out the FoodPoint YouTube channel which can also be viewed as a companion to this blog. Here I will tell you how to make the dishes, whereas there I can SHOW you.

Posts will be made in “Seasons” of 12 episodes each, followed by a 6 week break before the next season commences (I have a fulltime job that I should pay attention to now and then).

My posts will be classified as follows:

Low-Fuss – The name says it all. These recipes aim to get the most out of as few ingredients and/or little effort as possible. Perfect for midweek when you can’t really be bothered doing anything too demanding.

Intermediate – A little more difficult with a few extra steps and/or ingredients, but still not too much of a hassle. Most of the work is in the preparation, and quite a lot of that can be done in advance.

Advanced – Potentially lots of steps, techniques, and/or ingredients. Your kitchen could look like a warzone afterwards, but at least you should get some tasty food out of it!

Tips – A few times a season I will take a break from the weekly recipes to share some opinions, advice, or just general information. This could be beneficial for those of you who are maybe only just starting out, but to most people this information will probably be nothing new. Still, you might pick something up! Please note that these will be largely contained to the FoodPoint YouTube channel.

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