23 October 2016

Okay, so I know I've been absent for a while (sorry about that). I had a few health issues that saw me spend most of May in hospital and most of June recovering at home. It took a lot of time (and a fair bit of money) for me to get back to a point where I could focus on my cooking again.

So now I'm back, rising from the ashes like some exotic artisan loaf. And I present to you:

Unlike previous seasons - which were a bit all over the place (foodwise) - this time I've opted for a more structured season.

FoodPoint Fiesta is focused on Mexican, Spanish and Latin American foods, which have always been a favourite of mine. I won't make any claims about authenticity, all of the recipes will be my versions developed over the years. If you don't like the way I do certain things, then I'm sorry (not sorry).

Another change will be the format of the season. FoodPoint Fiesta will have just 8 episodes (plus a holiday bonus) and will be presented in the same layout as a traditional meal. It'll start with appetisers, then move on to entrees and mains, and end on desserts and sweets.

Finally, episodes will now be posted on Mondays, as opposed to Fridays as previously (mostly, anyway).

I'll be keeping to this format for the next 12 months with my following seasons. Unless I get complaints, but I don't think anyone cares enough to comment anyway (assuming anyone pays attention at all :P).

FoodPoint Fiesta commences 31 October 2016 and the trailer can be viewed here https://youtu.be/HfDZB-6-hG4.


--- Blake

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