15 January 2016

Welcome back to FoodPoint! Season 4 arrives on 29th January 2016, and this time I’ve taken a different approach to how the content is chosen.

Assuming that you’ve kept up to date with the posts and videos last season (I won’t hold it against you if you haven’t), you’ll know that I invited requests for any recipes that you want to see. Well, these requests were received, and now I can reveal that Season 4 will be titled ‘FoodPoint: Order Up!’.

That’s right, this time around the recipes will be those requested by the reader/viewers!

This will have an impact on the format of the blog, however; keeping in mind that not everybody is as eager as me to take on a challenge, there will be more Low-Fuss and Intermediate recipes, and less Advanced recipes. I’m sure that most people won’t be too concerned with this, but I have to operate on the theory that some of you like complicated dishes, so I will ensure that there are a few things to fulfil that desire (plus I have fun doing it, even when I end up a frazzled, swearing mess!).

I’m still open to any requests if you want to send me a message or email, sometimes I’ll switch recipes around while a season is still in progress. It doesn’t even need to be something specific, a few of my requests were rather vague (“something with avocado” anyone?) so basically whatever you throw at me will be considered…

I will be releasing a series of teaser trailers in the leadup to the new season, the first of which can be viewed at https://youtu.be/O3qmHU_BbwM.

--- Blake

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