14 August 2015

2.11 Spotlight #3: Chocolate (a.k.a. In Love With The Cocoa)

I hope you’re enjoying the recipes so far, but the time has come for this season’s final Spotlight feature.

This month, I will tease you with images of glorious, glorious chocolate. Just kidding! Sort of. I’ll actually be weighing in on what I consider the best uses of White, Milk or Dark chocolate in cooking. Plus, I’ll share a few handy little tips that will have you ganache-ing your teeth in no time (yes, the dreaded puns have returned…). Plus, a BONUS Choc-Mint Mousse recipe!

If you feel that you can sit this one out, I will be back with another recipe next week. For everyone else, please watch the video at https://youtu.be/-7u1U6vx9s4.

If anyone would like to share their own tips, or even if you just have a question, please do not hesitate to email me.

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