29 May 2015

Welcome back to FoodPoint! Season 2 kicks off officially on 5th June 2015, but I have made a couple of changes to the format which I figured you should be made aware of.

This season, Low-Fuss may be a little more complicated than last time (but still fairly easy). This allows me to ensure more variety, and I think you’ll enjoy what’s in store. If you’ve been watching and cooking along to Season 1, chances are your skills have improved anyway, so you shouldn’t notice too much of a difference!

I’ll also be phasing the Tips videos into Spotlight videos highlighting certain ingredients or techniques. This will let me cram in a few extra recipes for things that don’t really warrant their own individual entries. I’m sure nobody will mind that!

Thanks to everyone who supported me during the last season, and hopefully you will join me again to make Season 2 bigger and better!

--- Blake

P.S.: Check out the Season 2 Trailer at https://youtu.be/7H1-nQq_-eA.

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